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Over the years, I have been fortunate to hold many positions in many different careers. The amazing thing about being able to dive into different fields is the opportunity to gain knowledge, and pass it onto others.

As Krypteia “Captain Death”, manager of fitness facilities, a group and personal trainer, a fascial tissue practitioner, a dancer teacher, a climbing instructor, an actor, a camp councillor, a medical first responder, a farm hand, a realty assistant, a restaurant host/ dishwasher, a tree cutter the list goes on and on. Through all of these I took the knowledge gained and applied it to the future. The same goes with the experiences of life, if you are learning from each situation and open to receiving the information in a positive way that is growth.

My aim is to help those around me understand their methods to create such tools in themselves. To find a way to pull knowledge from all forms of situations.

Physical in how you move and why you move;
Career in the way you approach your work environment;
Emotional in the way you deal will the stresses of life;

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Personal Training Premium - Limited Space 3 Month Program: $60/week  This program is to bring yourself to the next level to build on a base and fine tune every detail. ...
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