Cleverly Adapting Systems

The Movement
of Life

Movement is the base of life. To know this and to put it into practice are very different things. 

Acknowledgement is the first step to creating change, then action is required. my Goal is to help you find that first step and guide you through as many as it takes for you to feel confident to take the lead and grow. My goal is not to have you rely on my coaching but to add to your tool belt, show you why you invest in your self.

Educating Educators

Throughout my time in the fitness industry I realized there are better way to connect knowledge. By reaching out to those who are drawn to a similar path I am, to help others. By creating my own assessment systems I have been able to help change more lives for the better. By passing on the knowledge I have gained others are able to share it even more wide spread. From gyms, to schools and movement studios I have had the chance to share knowledge and understanding. 

Photo by Laurelle Jones

28 Landing Road, Kerikeri 
New Zealand
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