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Passionate About Inspiring Others

My goals are to educate, aid and motivate clients, students and all those I interact with to live healthy balanced lifestyles. Teaching the benefits of physical fitness and a creative mind when properly applied to everyday life, by working together to form confidence in one self and specific goals. Half an inch makes a difference, every position every technique you use there's a purpose. The way our mind connects to the body, the way we performing movements. I strive to show people that they can achieve what they thought was not possible. To pull the fire from inside them and show them how much they can achieve. While making sure it is done the right way in a fun and safe environment.


Photo by Laurelle Jones Photography

As a trainer and tissue practitioner I have had the pleasure of working with Military, Law Enforcement, First Responders and Elite Athletes to General Public and High End Executives. With all of the people I have come across, I strive to help them build themselves not only into better movers, with the understanding that half an inch makes a difference but to help them become stronger in totally. Mental toughness is a skill I build as much as possible in those around me, the understanding of receiving information in the best why so they may grow. These are skills I have been developing through out a multitude of life experiences that all led to receiving the position of Krypteia with Spartan Extreme Endurance. As Krypteia we create and design a wide array of challenges and tasks that are to be performed as a group or an individual. These tasks push you to your limits but help show you the fire inside you and what you are capable of achieving individually and when working effectively as a team. 


Raw Functional Training Level 2
- Joseph "Da Rulk" Sakoda

Exercise Therapy Level 2 
- Elite Coaching Academy

Adaptive Bodywork Level 2
- John Sutherland

Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization
- Rehabilitation Prague School 

Spartan SGX Level 2 Coach
- Dr. Jefferey T. Goodin

Spartan X Certified
- Joe DeSena

Curently Studying Sexuality Coaching
- Dr. Rachael Ross Institute

Arko Training Systems Certified
- Joe Arko

Currently Studying Sexuality Coaching
-The Dr. Rachael Institute 

MMA Fitness & Conditioning Specialist Level 1
- Fitness Kickboxing Canada

Functional Assessment, Activation & Kinesiology Taping Specialist Level 1 
-ZONA Fitness Academy

Triggerpoint - Trainer level 1&2 
- Cassidy Phillips 

Personal Training Specialist

Medical First Responder
- Hard & Fast CPR

Work Experience

2021 - Present Stunt Performer 
         - Projects to be announced after release.

2022 - Franz Josef Glacier Guides

         - Guide
2021 Community Fitness Kerikeri
          - Personal Training Educator
2020 Evolve Fitness Matatmata
          - Personal Training Educator
2019 Hobbiton Tours
          - Set Decorator & Tour Guide
2019 Guest Presenter - Consent to Persevere
2019 Greco Lean & Fit Barrhaven
         - Senior Trainer & Instructor / Consultant
2019 Altitude Rock Climbing Gym
         - Supervisor & Safety Monitor
2019 Winter Season H2O - Ottawa
         - Rideau Canal Skate-way Patroller First Responder
2018 - Present Spartan Endurance
         - Krypteia - H3X, South Carolina 12HRHH
2018 -2019 Spartan Race Canada
         - Lead Krypteia|Build Crew |Onsite Medic                            2016 - 2018 Level 4 Personal Trainer and Group Trainer
          -Movati Athletic Barrhaven
2010 - Present Guest Teacher
          - Various Dance Studios & Schools
      -Cn:Ottawa,Toronto Uk: London,Gloucester,Milton Keynes
2014 - 2016 Fitness Coach & Athletic Trainer
         -Female Rugby Team - St.Marks High School
2014- 2016 Head Personal Trainer/ Gym Manager
         -Manotick Greco Lean & Fit
2011 - 2015 Dance All Styles, Strength & Conditioning
         -Capital city dance, Ottawa
2010 - Present Administrative/Creative Assistant,
          -Royal LePage Team Realty - Stuewe Team, Manotick 
2010 - 2013 Farm Hand, Stevens Creek Farm, Ottawa
2011 - 2013  Host & Dishwasher, Black Dog Bistro
2005 - Present Coach, Various Sports

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