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Here are a few words from the people who I have had the privilege to interact with.

Milad Emadi


Personal Training Manager Movati Richmond Hill,
Level 6 Personal Trainer,
Canada's Trainer of the Year 2010, 
Elite Coaching Academy  Exercise Therapy Instructor.

“I had the opportunity, watching Chris’s professional growth for a few years. His passion on coaching and care for his clients is outstanding. He set himself apart from many coaches out there by focusing on ongoing education to master his niche and willingly sharing it with other professionals in the industry. He has mastered the art of coaching based on his attention to detail and commitment to influence his clients."

Connection to Chris:
Mentor & 2016/17 Assistant Personal Training Manager Movati Barrhaven 

Brett Mercanti


Owner - Body And Mind Fitness

"Chris Stuewe is one of the hardest working people I have ever met. I was fortunate enough to work with him for almost 5 years, and within that time I learned how passionate and intelligent he was. Programming alongside him and seeing how he interacted with staff and his clients, was inspiring. He continually educates himself, which allows him to train a wide variety of clientele from professional athletes to the general population. If you are looking for someone to guide you towards and exceed your fitness and lifestyle goals, Chris is definitely the trainer you are looking for."

Connection to Chris:
Coworker - Movati Athletic Barrhaven, 
General Manager - Greco Lean&Fit - Barrhaven.
Owner - Body And Mind Fitness

Nick Gagnon


Photographer/Founder NRG Imagery
OCR Athlete

Connection to Chris: Co Racers, Endurance Photographer, Endurance Racer - Pit Crew

"My story with Chris Stuewe started 2 year ago at a Spartan Race 12 hour event known as the HH12HR (Hurricane Heat). An event not only as team building but also a race against yourself.

If I can describe Stuewe in one word, on who he is, what he does and the support he can and does give, I would have to say he’s an anchor. He’s a man of many wonderful gifts. Always willing to support, take the extra load, lend a hand, to push you or the team to the next level without complaints. He is driven and wants the best out come for the people he’s helping in their lives.

My last journey with Chris was at WTM (Worlds Toughest Mudder) a 24hrs Endurance obstacle course race. Not only did Chris pit for me, (keeping me warm, making sure I ate, had plenty of fluids, massaging stiff cramped muscles). He kept me mentally motivated to keep me moving through an epic event for 45 miles. With the brutal 0° degree night, if it wasn’t for his training and kindness, no one could have got me further! “BUT” he just didn’t help me during that event. Even while being there for me, he also ran around  helping another 10+ racers while I was on coarse with no questions asked. He sees a situation and he jumps in to help!

If you don’t think Chris is the right guy for you, then you need yourself a bigger boat with multiple anchors. Chris is the real deal!! But he’s mine for WTM..."

Jonathan Redmond

If you are looking for a coach who can push you out of your comfort zone. Someone Who is knowledgeable, competent and skillful. Who can deliver a comprehensive exercise program and guide you threw it, look no further… there are tons of them out there! Google search: personal coach. Yes, Chris Stuewe has all those attributes, but these are not the attributes of an exceptional coach.

What makes Chris exceptional is not how he shines but how he can make you shine. Rarely have I been coached by someone who has so easily infused confidence in the most important actor in my quest to reach my health and performance goals; myself. His true gift is not to transform you into someone new, but to make you understand that you are already that person and only need to shed the carapace that keeps him hidden. Trust in Chris to be your guide and he will map the course to your success, one step at a time!

Photo by NRG Imagery

2019 Lead Canadian Krypteia
Connection to Chris: Co-Krypteia, Endurance Participant 


Johnathan Lemay


Fashion Industry
National Sales Manager

Connection to Chris: Endurance Participant 

I met Chris Stuewe 2 years ago at my second Spartan Hurricane Heat, he was then my Krypteia for the following few. Including my first experience with a 12 hours Hurricane Heat where I had my first DNF since I started those events.  Not only was he an amazing leader during the events through his extensive knowledge of various aspects of training, survival skills, injury prevention, team building and respect but what stands out the most is his kindness and genuine care for people.  

After this event, I was demoralized, upset, angry and I got to talk with Chris who pointed out to me the positive in my DNF, my strengths and what I brought to the team.  This basically pushed me to be ready the following year and succeed.  Through all this we became friends and I can genuinely say that I’m lucky to have crossed path with this amazing human being.

Finding someone that genuinely cares for you and isn’t there to give you some cliché speeches and motivational nonsense but real advice that is tailored to you and your personality is very hard to find.

Chris is that person.

Tanya nesterenko

"You are simply going to love working with Chris.  Chris leads with a clearly defined purpose towards a destination. Chris’ energy, communication skills and leadership style will both encourage you and nudge you to reach your next level of greatness.  I truly look forward to when I will be part of a team lead by Chris to create and have an impact."

Tanya Nesterenko MHSc CEC ACC   
The Exectutive Presence             

Certified Executive Coach

Registered Speech-Language Pathologist

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