Premium Online Coaching

This program is to bring you to the next level to build & fine tune every detail together.

  • 1 hour
  • 12-16 weeks $60/week
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Service Description

Personal Training Premium - Limited Space 3 Month Program: $60/week  This program is to bring yourself to the next level to build on a base and fine tune every detail. This is the Future of Online Training. Creating a bond between coach and athlete to best enact in person 1on1 training. What will be required of you: - Extensive description of your goals - Complete & Record the work outs sent to you. - Upload Recordings of Workout videos and send to the email address given to you. - Complete Homework. - Write reports summarizing workouts and current goals as the grow. - Journal how you are feeling.  -Emotionally, physically, mentally, sexuality.  The trials you are facing and successes you are having.  Perform Toughness drills for the day. What will you receive: -* Weekly work out plans 3-4 days a week dependant on goals. (Broken down: Warm up, Pre Tissue Work, Core Activation, Nervous System Activation/Integration, Main Movements, Cool Down) -* 1 weekly movement flow with detailed regressions and progressions. -* 2 calls per week 30 minutes -* Video diagnostic breakdown of each work out with commentary. -* Nutrition advice, tools, detailed monitoring of nutrition. - Homework Routines - Weekly info and articles about Fitness, Sexuality and Mental Health.

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  • Location 1